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This year’s party was held December 2nd at Syria Shriners Hall in Cheswick.  We had the largest turn out ever of 254 people.  As we continue to grow, so does our Christmas Party.

This year we included all the Lowboy drivers that keep Swank Construction moving.  Joe Sorch, Kevin Grimm, Tim Douglass, Ron Yohe, and Jeff Hinkle.  We wanted to honor them because of the great job they do.  These 5 drivers move all our large equipment and do it in the utmost safest manner. 

We also invited a person from each division that has never been to our party with the intent to show them how much we appreciate them and that they would see what this Family Company has to offer so they would strive to become Foremen / Superintendent’s in our growing company.  They are: Bill Briscoe (Saw/Seal Div.), Shawn Porter (Milling Div.), Jacob Wagner and Andrew Mattis (Construction Div.)

The big winners of the giveaway were:

Bob Shaffer, Lisa Novak, Kelly Shirley, Kathy Holmes, Steve Writt, Lynus Barr and Tom Anderson.