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As our company grows, Swank continues to educate as well as shape it’s leaders through training and education. This year marks the 4th annual year Swank has offered leadership training which focuses on core lessons in communications, time management, goal setting, ethics and finance.

January 17, 2018 a group of new leaders, whom have been selected based on their accomplishments, shown potential for leadership and have demonstrated a desire to develop their skills started the two-week “Future Leadership Training. The training is provided by Mr. David Sinodis from Red Wolf Associates. This training consists of lecture, interactive, team building and hands-on activities. One of the exercises is “The Spaghetti Tower”. In this timed challenge groups learn to work as a team, communicate effectively and to create the strongest tower made of spaghetti. This year’s winning team of the “The “Spaghetti Tower” is: Andrew Mattis, Andrew Guthrie, Matthew Shank.

With almost 100 employees completing the training, Swank is building its Future Leaders.  Additional information was presented by Geoff Clarke (Executed Vice President) Ken Swank (General Manager of Fleet Operations), Jim Minor (President of Milling Div.), Jill Creevey (HR/EEO Representative), Chad Fuhrman (Chief Finance Officer) and Pete Douglass (General Superintendent).

Future Leadership Training Class of 2018

Andrew Gutherie, Andrew Mattis, Shawn Porter, Travis Rice, Mike Tschannen, Jake Wagner, Matt Shank, Andrew Shank, Adam Weigold, Alison Hirshka, Mike Leon, Gary Reitler, Neil Hickman, Crystal Barrett, Andrew “Fluffy” Smith (not pictured) and Kyle Toth (not pictured)