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              In October of 2014 Swank Construction Company New England Milling Division worked on the West Springfield MA. tunnel project for AETNA Bridge Co. This specialized high profile concrete milling job was preformed by foreman Mike Loughner and his crew.  At the beginning of job the depth of the concrete cut was suppose to be 6 inches. As the guys removed layer after layer of this tough New England concrete it was determined by the on-site engineer that in some spots the cut would be as much as 14" and on average 10". Swank Construction was up to the challenge. Not only did Mike and crew reach all depths necessary but did it on time.  That allowed AETNA to stay on their extremely tight time frame.  This spring the Swank Construction Company will be milling the North side of the tunnel and there is no doubt the same results will be reached. Once again showing Swank Construction Company is the industry leader in concrete milling.


Meet The Interns

(left to right) Kierstin Flickinger, Cameron Mika, Bryan Kephart, Fontaine Glenn Bryan Kephart: Shop Intern Bryan graduated from Penn State, New Kensington this past spring and received a bachelor’s degree in supply chain and project management. As the shop intern, he is responsible for organizing inventory and removing obsolete parts. Bryan is... read more ›

Two Employees Celebrate 40 Years At Swank

Over the past week two employees celebrated 40 years at Swank, Construction Divisional Manager, Louie Schultheis and Saw/Seal Division Manager “Chippy” Golembiewski. Louie was a shop mechanic foreman for multiple years before he became apart of the Construction Department. “It’s a great place to work with great people,” Louie said. When Chippy... read more ›

Christopher’s Light Gets Even Brighter

Christopher’s light is a local non-profit organization started in the spring of 2018 by Karen McKendree providing children in the Armstrong and Westmoreland counties with free clothing, school supplies and educational support. During the month of June, Swank employees are hosting a clothing drive to, once again, help make Christopher’s Light... read more ›

What Everyone Wants To Know About Bring Your Kids To Work At Swank

Thursday, April 25, wasn’t just another day in the office. The children of Swank employees joined their parents to see what a day at the office is like. There were 17 kids ranging in age of two to 15.  The day was planned out by Executive Assistant Crystal Barrett with activities that everyone could participate in and potentially learn about the... read more ›

Employee Appreciation Event

The Swank Gun Bash was held on January 19th to show appreciation for the 312 employees that have worked to hard to make our Parkway East (SR 376 Allegheny) project the success it has been. We had a total of 136 employees in attendance (not too bad considering the terrible weather they were predicting)! Those in attendance enjoyed free food and... read more ›