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              In October of 2014 Swank Construction Company New England Milling Division worked on the West Springfield MA. tunnel project for AETNA Bridge Co. This specialized high profile concrete milling job was preformed by foreman Mike Loughner and his crew.  At the beginning of job the depth of the concrete cut was suppose to be 6 inches. As the guys removed layer after layer of this tough New England concrete it was determined by the on-site engineer that in some spots the cut would be as much as 14" and on average 10". Swank Construction was up to the challenge. Not only did Mike and crew reach all depths necessary but did it on time.  That allowed AETNA to stay on their extremely tight time frame.  This spring the Swank Construction Company will be milling the North side of the tunnel and there is no doubt the same results will be reached. Once again showing Swank Construction Company is the industry leader in concrete milling.


Mexican Gala June Celebration

Each month to honor those in the company that celebrate a birth date, the Swank Wellness Committee selects a menu that centers around healthy dishes.  The Mexican theme for June was office appropriate fruit Sangria, baked Mexican chicken with salsa, Chipotle Rice, fresh garden salad, White corn/ black bean/ Feta salsa, Guacamole, and followed by... read more ›

Swank’s 2016 Adopt- A -Highway

    On April 22, 2016 Swank employees managed to dodge the rain drops to help keep Pennsylvania clean with the 8th annual Adopt-A-Highway. In just under two hours, Route 380 from Route 66 to the top of Utopia Road (2.2 miles) was clean and looking good. The sun finally came out for the traditional cookout afterwards.     This year’s clean up was... read more ›

Administrative Professional Day

Administrative Professional Day is a day to recognize the work of secretaries, administrative assistants, receptionists and other administrative professionals.  At Swank “administrative” is a loose term, as we all perform administrative duties to uphold our status for the demanding industry in which we work.  On April 27th, Swank executives held a... read more ›

And The 2015 Winner Is

    Every year as we collect the Christmas cards we make an effort to acknowledge the companies that sent out what the office staff at Swank felt were the cards that  most reflected the Holiday season. I am pleased to say we have concluded the contest and have 4 winning companies for the top 3 spots, yes we had our first tie for 2nd.  Keep in mind... read more ›

First Fitness Program A Great Success

    Swank’s first fitness program has proven to be a successful one in 2015!  Twenty five participants started the 13 week journey in September to better their health and fitness through the “Stick With it Fitness’s 13 Week Challenge”.  The program was designed to increase strength, flexibility and mobility.  Every Wednesday the participants met... read more ›