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              In October of 2014 Swank Construction Company New England Milling Division worked on the West Springfield MA. tunnel project for AETNA Bridge Co. This specialized high profile concrete milling job was preformed by foreman Mike Loughner and his crew.  At the beginning of job the depth of the concrete cut was suppose to be 6 inches. As the guys removed layer after layer of this tough New England concrete it was determined by the on-site engineer that in some spots the cut would be as much as 14" and on average 10". Swank Construction was up to the challenge. Not only did Mike and crew reach all depths necessary but did it on time.  That allowed AETNA to stay on their extremely tight time frame.  This spring the Swank Construction Company will be milling the North side of the tunnel and there is no doubt the same results will be reached. Once again showing Swank Construction Company is the industry leader in concrete milling.


Building of a Swank Service Truck

The building of a Swank service truck starts with the right chassis Kenworth T-800 which we bought 3. We had them stretched, painted Swank Red,  22 foot flatbeds installed and shipped to our yard in February 2015.  There the fabrication starts from Swank Shop which installed the aluminum job boxes, 3 fuel tanks with electric pumps, oil tanks,... read more ›

Ken Cheripka Moves Up

After six years of outstanding work as a Building Trades Foreman, Ken Cheripka was promoted to Assistant Manager of Swank’s Building Trades Division. Ken is a proven hard worker with a great deal of experience. Making sure jobs are done safely and efficiently in the field is Ken’s main priority.  Ken is also relied upon to track equipment, assist... read more ›

Swank Loses And Will Miss Scotty Hutchison

Scott P. Hutchison, age 45, of Petrolia passed away at 7:30 P.M. Sunday, July 5, 2015 at a result of a dirt bike accident in Petrolia.  Scotty worked with Swank since 1999 starting out as a laborer. He advanced through his hard work to become a superintendent in the construction division. He truly will be missed by all Swank employees. Scott was... read more ›

Deer Attacks Wellness Garden

These guys at Swank are real funny.  We are spending hundreds on deer repellant in our Wellness Garden and they put some good looking babe to attract them. read more ›

Swank Annual Golf Outing

On June 14th 2015 the annual Swank Golf Open was held at the Links at Spring Church.  We had 35 attendees and an uninvited thunderstorm. It was a great day of camaraderie, golf, food and beverage. The group of Geoff Clarke, Joe Stone, John Aubel and Pat Dugan won in a dramatic putt off with Joe draining the winning putt just seconds before... read more ›