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     Every year as we collect the Christmas cards we make an effort to acknowledge the companies that sent out what the office staff at Swank felt were the cards that most reflected the Holiday season. I am pleased to say we have concluded the voting for this contest and have the top winners.  Keep in mind this is out of well over a hundred cards. This year’s winner is East Coast Construction from Portsmouth R.I.  Congratulations to them on the number one card for 2016 that we felt most depicted that warm, joyous, and wintry feeling during the holiday season.  

    The  second place card came from Scott Advertising Specialists, a Pittsburgh firm that has helped us in the past with promotional items.  Third place and very close in count was from HEI-WAY, LLC, from Sarver, Pa that supplies us with cold patch paving products.

    This has become a tradition at our office and we look forward to next season.