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For over 80 years, Swank has been growing to meet the many challenges that have confronted the highway construction industry.

The company began as a sole proprietorship and has become a respected leader in the industry. Many companies that helped build the infrastructure of this country had the same humble origins. Hard work and perseverance has helped us develop into an organization that is positioned to meet the ever-changing challenges of our industry and the needs of our customers.

Swank was founded by Russell C. Swank Sr. in the 1930s. Like many companies of that era, we began with a simple vision: building concrete streets. Encouraged by Russell C. Swank Jr., the company moved into bridge construction in 1950. The Swank company built many of the bridges that still make up the Western Pennsylvania highway system.

In the 1970s Russell C. Swank III led a third phase of evolution. As the need for highway construction diminished, the emphasis moved toward repair and maintenance. Anticipating the changing highway construction market, Swank Associated Companies, Inc. focused on becoming a leader in highway maintenance and repair.

In 2011, Russ and his son Andrew embarked on a succession plan to take the business to the 4th generation.  As a result of this transition, Swank Construction Company was formed and is now the primary operating company.  Andrew looks forward to continuing the business on with the help of all of its great employees.

"We are driven to provide for our Customers, quality service, an outstanding track record and most importantly, the best trained people to ensure a superior job."