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Excavation Division of Swank Construction project for Cumberland Coal /Alpha Natural Resources is coming close to completion. Located in Spraggs, a small town south of Waynesburg in Greene Co, Pa.  The project Supervisor is Ethan Evans and the Project Manager is Cary Basinger.  The project is described as the "#8 Bleeder Shaft Site"  which involves site excavation, embankment, drainage and access road construction as part of the initial site development for future construction of an underground coal mine ventilation shaft and associated utility infrastructure. The job involved excavating 250,000 +/- Cubic yards of earth and rock to be placed as embankment or stockpiled in other areas on the site, as well as construction of approximately 16,000 linear feet of rock lined channel and construction of a single span steel bridge structure. The ground started out as 35 acres of forest and after timber clearing and E&S was installed the excavation and embankment began.