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Milling Services Offered

Micro-milling or Carbide Grinding

  • Multiple micro-milling drums to fit all specifications
  • 5mm micro-milling drum for the finest cut
  • 8mm micro-milling drum that fits most specifications nationwide
  • Micro-milling drums from 4’ to 7’ wide

Concrete Milling

  • We specialize in concrete milling more than anyone else in our region
  • We have specifically designed drums for concrete milling
  • We have a variety of concrete milling drums including a 3’ wide for hard to reach jobs

Trimble/GPS or Precision Controlled Milling

  • We have the capability to perform GPS/Laser controlled milling with our Trimble attachments
  • Swank can perform any cut with precision of your design
  • We can cut on string line or match a grid pattern if required

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Asphalt Milling

  • Full width milling
  • Cuts up to 13” depth
  • 2’, 3’ and 4’ wide milling
  • Mill all surfaces from parking lots to utility trenches and interstate highways

Cleanup Services

  • Cleanup service behind our mills and tailored recycling
  • "Item complete" pricing by the square yard
  • We provide "pave ready" surface services
  • Crews are ready to set up traffic and ramp around structures

Bridge Scarification

  • Bridge scarification requires the precision we offer
  • We can meet the tolerances to keep your overlay cost on track
  • Swank works with Hydrodemolition companies to make the most economical use of their product