Coronavirus Resources: Employee Forms

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At Swank Construction Company LLC. we are committed to the health and safety of our employees, customers, environment, and the community.

We are dedicated to conducting our operations the right-way. With our company’s core values of ethics, quality, integrity, and trust our goal is to continue to be a first-class organization, not only in safety, but within the industry.

The safety of our employees, customers, environment, community, and colleagues are crucial to the successful completion of every project we perform. Our personnel are our means to continued success and we consistently strive to improve.

Environmental Health and Safety programs are aimed at minimizing and eliminating risk. We strive to go above and beyond what is required, we continually implement the latest technology, training, and techniques that are available.  This provides our employees with the tools and knowledge which sets Swank apart from the competition.

The backbone of our company is our management team.  They will continue to identify and eliminate hazards, while monitoring and expect safe working behaviors (thus holding all our personnel accountable). We achieve this by supplying our employees the proper knowledge and equipment that will help them perform their duties while empowering them to take an active role in creating a safe work environment.

Swank Construction Company's proven safety record and outstanding performance record has received high recognition among colleagues and the insurance industry.  Swank’s Experience Modification Rate has outperformed the industry standard year in and year out. This is all credited to management and our employees taking a proactive role to make safety our number one priority and sustaining our safety culture within the organization.

Swank will continue to be active in the community and professional organizations to lobby for safety improvements within the organization and the community.