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              In October of 2014 Swank Construction Company New England Milling Division worked on the West Springfield MA. tunnel project for AETNA Bridge Co. This specialized high profile concrete milling job was preformed by foreman Mike Loughner and his crew.  At the beginning of job the depth of the concrete cut was suppose to be 6 inches. As the guys removed layer after layer of this tough New England concrete it was determined by the on-site engineer that in some spots the cut would be as much as 14" and on average 10". Swank Construction was up to the challenge. Not only did Mike and crew reach all depths necessary but did it on time.  That allowed AETNA to stay on their extremely tight time frame.  This spring the Swank Construction Company will be milling the North side of the tunnel and there is no doubt the same results will be reached. Once again showing Swank Construction Company is the industry leader in concrete milling.


Saw / Seal Takes Delivery of New Saw

This Summer, Saw / Seal Division took delivery of a Husqvarna FS 9900 D.  This saw is capable of flat sawing concrete to a 25" depth utilizing a 60" diamond blade.  This saw will further expand the services that our Division can offer.  In our brief time with the saw, it has proven to be very effective for bridge demolition purposes. read more ›

Swank Awarded Largest Project in Company History

On August 14, 2013 Swank Construction Company was low bidder on a $47,000,000 project for the Pennsylvania Turnpike in Dauphin County, PA.  The project will begin in the late fall of 2013 and continue until Fall 2015.  The project consists of three mainline bridge replacements, numerous retaining walls, and roughly 1 mile of roadway reconstruction. read more ›

Milling Completes City of Pittsburgh Season

On October 23rd, Milling Division completed its last day Milling for the City of Pittsburgh for 2013.  We thank all the neighborhoods in Pittsburgh for the patience as we completed our work.  This contract, coupled with our Allegheny County Milling contract, allowed for us to perform repairs in nearly every part of Pittsburgh. read more ›

Wright Memorial Bridge Kittyhawk, NC

  Starting in September, Milling Foreman Mike Loughner and crew scarified the Wright Memorial Bridge in Kittyhawk, NC.  The process of scarifying bridge decks to a desired grade is something that we are very familiar with.  This allows for the placement of a new wearing surface such as latex modified concrete which will preserve the bridge for... read more ›

Swank Family Picnic

On September 14 at Kunkle Park in North Washington, PA, over 90 employees and their families attended the annual Swank Family Picnic.  Highlights include Great Food, Classic Car Show, Ice Cream Truck, Face Painting, Kid's Fun Zone, Chinese Auction, Box of Mystery Prize, and good times had by all.  We are happy to provide a day of fun and... read more ›