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Over the past week two employees celebrated 40 years at Swank, Construction Divisional Manager, Louie Schultheis and Saw/Seal Division Manager “Chippy” Golembiewski.

Louie was a shop mechanic foreman for multiple years before he became a part of the Construction Department.

“It’s a great place to work with great people,” Louie said.

When Chippy started at Swank operations were much different than what it is today but what hasn’t changed is the culture of the company.

“It’s been like working with family. I have worked for this family since I was 13 when I started on the farm working with Mr. Swank [Russ Swank Jr].”

Chippy started out operating rotomills for the Milling department until Russ Swank III told him to work in the Saw/Seal department. Not knowing much about Saw/Seal forced Chippy to learn a lot about the industry over the years. 

“It has been a shear pleasure to work here for all those years,” Chippy said.


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