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Thursday, April 25, wasn’t just another day in the office. The children of Swank employees joined their parents to see what a day at the office is like. There were 17 kids ranging in age of two to 15.  The day was planned out by Executive Assistant Crystal Barrett with activities that everyone could participate in and potentially learn about the role Swank plays in the Heavy Highway Construction Industry.

Crystal got the chance to see what her kids are learning in school and how that is applying to real life. 

“Being able to participate in the activities and interacting with the other kids might get them thinking about what they want to do in the future,” Crystal said.

Anna, 8, daughter of Megan Rudyk, the Human Resources Manager said “Swank is a fun place to work!"

Anna and her two sisters joined their mom to hang out in her office to get a glimpse of what her day looks like. 

As a working mother Megan, doesn’t get the chance very often to hang out with her kids for a full day in the middle of the week so it was also fun for her to bring them along with her.

“It’s an opportunity to show our kids a snippet of what we do all day. My girls are young so they see the side of “mommy leaving the house to go to work every day,”” Megan said, “but for them to have the experience of coming along, seeing the inside of the building, meeting my co-workers, seeing my office and having a chance to be involved in what I do all day is a great opportunity for them.”


Sonya Schultheis who is a Project Manager in the Saw/Seal division brought her two boys to work to show them what she does while she is away from them.

“It was a fun filled day to meet everyone’s kids and to see the parent side of my coworkers,” Sonya said, “My kids keep asking when they can come to work with me again!”

One activity that was a big hit among the kids was building a bridge out of popsicle sticks, pipe cleaners and lots of glue. The kids used colors like pink, orange, green and Swank red to personalize their bridges. The bridges were then judged by office employees. The judges decided, Sonya Schultheis’s five-year-old son, Nikolai would win the “Best Bridge” award for building a red cover bridge.









For lunch everyone ate pizza and chicken tenders then made ice cream sundaes for dessert. To burn off some of that energy trainer Mike put the kids through a workout full of push ups, sit ups and yoga ball exercises.